Police Report 9/23/19-9/29/19





Monday September23, 2019

-11:31AM.  Officer returned call to female subject reference a protective order violation.  The female lived in Boone, so officer asked a Boone officer to call her.

-12:40PM.  Ogden resident caught a Husky dog running loose in the 100 block of N 1st Street and turned over to officer.  Officer returned to owner, who was out looking for the dog.

-7:49PM.  Officer responded to an Ogden residence for a possible domestic situation.  This case was referred to Department of Human Services.


Tuesday September 24, 2019

-12:45PM.  Ogden resident called asking for assistance in locating his dog that had runaway.  He had seen a posting on Boone Community website about a chocolate lab that was found and when he contacted person, she would not give any information of where dog was.  Ogden officer asked Boone County Deputy to check address of person that had found the dog.  The dog was not the dog missing from Ogden.

-1:11PM.  Officer accompanied Department of Human Services worker to visit an Ogden resident.


Wednesday September 25, 2019

-11:15AM.  Officer was asked to deliver a message to an Ogden resident for a subject that was in the hospital.

-12:30PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-7:30PM.  Deputy and Ogden officer delivered a death notification to an Ogden resident.


Thursday September 26, 2019

-8:36AM. Officer investigated a complaint of a reckless driver westbound on 220th from Boone. Officer located the vehicle, but the driver was driving fine.


Friday September 27, 2019

  • No reported activity.


Saturday September 28, 2019

  • No reported activity.


Sunday September 29, 2019

-7:34AM.  Officer assisted stranded motorist

-7:52AM.  Officer located vehicle with an open door.  Officer notified the owner.

-11:31AM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.