Police Report 9/2/19-9/8/19





Monday September 2, 2019

-12:41PM.  Officer received information that 2 missing juveniles from Ames were possibly in Ogden.  Officer spoke with parent at residence, where juveniles were reported to be and she said her daughter had seen snap chat posts of the girls being in Madrid 2 days ago.

-2:45PM.  Officer responded to the old Howe Elementary Building on a report of 4 juveniles were seen entering the building.  Officer located 4 male juveniles inside of the building.  The custodian did not wish to press charges, however, he did say that he would have the juveniles help do some cleaning this week.

-4:55PM.  Deputy assisted subject locked out of vehicle.


Tuesday September 3, 2019

-10:05AM.  Ogden resident called wishing to speak with an Officer.  She had 2 female juveniles show up during the night and they are reported as runaways out of Ames.  Officer notified Ames PD.  Ames PD notified the girls’ mother and she came and picked them up.

-11:12AM. Ogden resident reported getting a phone call from someone claiming to be from IRS and stated that his social security number had been compromised.  The officer advised this is a scam and that he should check his credit report and freeze his credit as a safety precaution.

-12:00PM.  Officer received a complaint of someone burning brush.  The officer spoke with subject burning brush and advised to pour water over the fire.  The officer advised residents of Ogden can only burn April 15-May 15; and October 1-November 15.


Wednesday September 4, 2019

-11:16AM.  Officer provided a funeral escort from Zion Lutheran Church east to 1st Street and then north out of town.

-3:00PM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-7:33PM.  Officer received a report of a male subject sitting on side of the road in the 100 block of NW 7th Street.  Officer was unable to locate the subject.


Thursday September 5, 2019

-12:38AM.  Officer assisted Boone PD officer and Boone County Deputies with a motorcycle rider that would not stop for the Boone officer.  They finally stopped the motorcycle rider in the 500 block of 219th.

-11:03AM.  Ogden resident reported that she had received a letter in the mail claiming she had won $25,000.00.  In the letter, there was a check that she was supposed to deposit in her bank account and then call a number in the letter and speak with a claims agent to activate the check.  The agent then advised her to go and buy 4 $450.00 Best Buy Gift Cards.  The Ogden resident thought this sounded like a scam, so she called the police.  The officer advised her that if you win a prize, you do not have to purchase or send any money to collect the prize, so this is a scam.

-11:20AM.  Officer received a report of a male student that had left the Ogden Middle School/High School Property.  The student had walked home and his father was there and brought the student back to school.


Friday September 6, 2019

-10:45AM.  Ogden resident reported that her white Husky dog had gotten loose.

-1:40PM.  Officer returned property to Ogden resident.

-3:50PM.   Officer was called to an Ogden resident for an adult female that was out of control.

-5:55PM.  Officer received a report of a small female child sitting very close to the road in the 800 block of N 1st Street.  Officer located the child and took her back up closer to her house and notified her mother of the situation.

-7:00PM.  Officer received a complaint of 2 male juveniles throwing rocks at windows of old Howe Elementary Building.  The officer was unable to locate the juveniles.  There were no windows broken.


Saturday September 7, 2019

-3:09PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-3:39PM.  Jessica Peterson said there were 3 people on her property and she would like them to leave.  Officer spoke with subjects and advised them to leave, which they did.

-4:00PM.  Officer returned property to subject.

-4:30PM.  Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance with a call at ACCURA Health Care.


Sunday September 8, 2019

-6:20AM. Officer assisted a Boone County Deputy with a single vehicle accident at L Ave. and 216th St. Officer’s never located a vehicle.

-10:14AM. Officer assisted with a child exchange at Casey’s.

-10:30AM. Officer assisted with a child custody matter at 525 N. 1st St.

-12:03PM. Officer investigated a child custody issue.

-1:56PM. Officer investigated a suspicious vehicle in the 100 blk of W. Locust St.