Police Report 9/17/18/-9/23/18




Monday September 17, 2018

-4:10PM.  Ogden resident talked with officer in regard to a civil matter.

-4:33PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-6:11PM.  Officer assisted lost motorist.


Tuesday September 18, 2018

-7:03AM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a minor 2-vehicle accident on the eastbound 220th Street off-ramp to H Avenue.

-11:03AM.  Officer responded to a complaint of a female that was walking her dog being attacked by 2 dogs that had crawled under the fence from 231 SE 2nd Street.  The owner of the dogs was holding the 2 dogs off of the woman and her dog, when the officer arrived.  The woman walking her dog, denied any medical treatment on scene, but did say that she would go see her doctor later this afternoon.


Wednesday September 19, 2018

-9:00AM.  Officer received a citizen’s complaint regarding junk on property in the NE part of town.

-10:14AM.  Officer stopped by property in NE part of town and attempted to make contact with resident in regard to garbage, junk and junk vehicles on property.  Nobody would come to door.

-11:43AM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-9:47PM.  Officer received a complaint of a barking dog in the 500 block of NW 2nd Street. Officer spoke with resident at 515 NW 2nd and they put the dog inside.


Thursday September 20, 2018

-12:07AM.  Officer assisted Deputies with a subject who had run away from a traffic stop.  The Boone County K-9 apprehended the subject a short time later.

-6:41AM.  Officer received a complaint of a semi-truck-trailer hauling rock that was losing part of its load while traveling westbound on 220th from the river bridge.  Officer observed 2 rock hauling semi’s turn and head south on H Avenue.  Officer spoke with an employee of Manatts and asked him to advise all drivers to be sure and tarp their loads.  The employee also advised them to sweep off their trucks before leaving the quarry.

-8:41AM.  Officer received a report of a bulldog that was walking west on Veterans Drive from Caseys and appeared to be limping.  The officer was unable to locate the animal.

-9:05AM.  Officer received a report of a young boy walking around his residence at 545 W Mulberry looking for his father.  The officer and the young boy located his dad asleep in the house.

-2:30PM.  Subject turned in a backpack that was found behind apartments at 419 SE 2nd Street.

-3:55PM.  Ogden resident called to report a possible violation of protection order.

-6:00PM.  Deputy assisted Ogden resident in moving a piece of farm equipment that had rolled across the road into a resident’s yard at 501 W Locust.

-7:03PM.  Deputy responded to a domestic situation at 337 S 1st Street.  The female left the residence for the night.

-7:46PM.  Deputy responded to a suicidal female in the 200 block of W Walnut Street.  Mobile Crisis was called and responded.


Friday September 21, 2018

-7:49AM.  Officer responded to a hit/run accident at Ogden High School parking lot.  Lauren McCoy, 15, of Ogden, reported that sometime last evening, an unknown person hit the driver side of her vehicle with their vehicle.  Lauren said that her vehicle was parked in the Ogden High School parking lot while she was at a school activity.  There was approximately $1,000.00 damage to her 2005 Mazda.  There is no suspect at this time.

-8:15AM.  Officer spoke with resident of 413 W Division Street regarding a camper parked in the westbound parking that was blocking line of sight for vehicles stopped at SW 5th and Division.  The resident said he would move the camper.

-10:25AM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-11:45AM.  Officer received a report of a Doberman mix dog having been caught running loose in the area of Clark’s Food Mart.  The officer picked up the animal and returned to owner.

-3:30PM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-6:54PM.  Deputy assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-11:06PM.  Deputies responded to a report of a fight between about 6 male subjects at 519 N 1st Street.  The fight was between 2 subjects and one of the subjects had already left the residence.  The other subject did not want to file charges


Saturday September 22, 2018

-11:00AM. Officer investigated suspicious activity in the 100 blk of W. Maple St.

-10:48PM. Deputy assisted Ogden First responders at 202 W. Chestnut St.


Sunday September 23, 2018

-8:01AM. Officer assisted a lost motorist at Casey’s

-11:21AM. Officer investigated possible internet fraud.

-11:55PM. Officer assisted a Boone County Deputy with a careless driver in the 900 blk of 222nd Dr.

-5:23PM. Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders at 625 SW 4th St.