Police Report 8/5/19-8/11/19





Monday August 5, 2019

-10:34AM.  Deputy attempted to make contact with Ogden resident in regards to her Facebook post claiming she had been assaulted.

-1:02PM.  Ogden resident who lives in the 400 block of SE 2nd reporting that someone is ringing his doorbell at night and running away.

-11:24PM.  Deputy assisted stranded motorist.


Tuesday August 6, 2019

-12:12AM.  Deputy responded to a possible domestic situation at 519 NW 6th Street.  This was determined to be a verbal argument only.


Wednesday August 7, 2019

-10:26AM.  Officer was asked to check on welfare of an Ogden resident.  The resident was at home and doing okay.

-6:20PM.  Deputy assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-8:00PM.  Deputy picked up an Ogden resident for a court ordered committal and took to Boone County Hospital.

-10:11PM.  Deputies responded to report of 2 subjects acting suspicious in the 400 block of West Walnut Street.  The deputies were unable to locate anyone in the area.


Thursday August 8, 2019

-11:15AM.  Officer received a complaint of a dog running loose in the area of 620 W Walnut Street.  Dog belonged to resident at this location.  The dog had jumped through a screen to get out of apartment.  Officer notified owner to come and get the dog.

-3:57PM.  Ogden officer and Boone County Deputy checked on welfare of an Ogden resident.


Friday August 9, 2019

-7:50AM.  Officer received a complaint of 2 dogs running loose in the 200 block of west Veterans Drive.  The officer caught the dogs and took to the Boone Area Humane Society.  The dogs were micro-chipped, so the owner was identified and notified where he could pick up the dogs.

-11:45AM.  Officer returned phone call to subject reference possible stolen items.  This was a civil issue.


Saturday August 10, 2019

-12:46PM.  Officer was called to Ogden Food Mart for 2 juvenile shoplifters.  There were no charges filed.

-1:35PM.  Officer was asked to check on welfare of dog in a parked car.  The windows were down in the car, but the Officer notified the owner to roll the windows up and turn the car on with air conditioner running.

-3:1PM.  Officer was called to an Ogden residence in regards to a domestic dispute between an 18-year-old male and his mother.  The mother just wanted the son to leave the residence.  The son left and no charges were filed.

-3:49PM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-6:26PM.  Deputy received a report of a window being open on concession stand at Howe Elementary Ballfield.  The deputy secured the window.


Sunday August 11, 2019

-6:45AM.  Officer received a complaint of a semi-tractor-trailer parked on private property.  The officer was able to make contact with the driver and advised to move the vehicle off of private property and not park there in the future.

-2:05PM.  Officer received a complaint of pieces of broken concrete on the traveled portion of road on the on-ramp to eastbound 220th from H Avenue.  The officer removed the debris from the road.

-4:41PM.  Deputy responded to a report of a juvenile male out of control.  The boy had calmed down prior to deputy arriving.