Police Report 8/26/19-9/1/19





Monday August 26, 2019

-8:20AM.  Officer assisted landlord with vehicle that has been abandoned on property.

-1:10PM.  Officer assisted subject whose truck had stalled in middle of road.

-9:58PM.  Officer assisted Ogden Fire with a fire alarm at Ogden High School.  This was determined to be a faulty detector.


Tuesday August 27, 2019

-10:30AM.  Russ Stevens, 501 West Division Street, reported someone stole approximately 10 gallons of gas from his pickup truck, while it was parked outside of his residence last Saturday evening.


Wednesday August 28, 2019

-9:41AM.  Officer was called to ACCURA Healthcare to speak with a male resident, who has been harassing another male resident.

-12:30PM.  Officer caught a Golden Retriever dog that was running loose.  The officer put the dog back into the fenced backyard of residence.

-12:43PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance at an Ogden residence.

-1:22PM.  Ogden resident called in about a sick raccoon in his backyard.  The raccoon was dispatched and disposed of.

-3:30PM.  Officer received several reports of a phone scam.  The caller claimed to be from the IRS and was claiming the subject’s social security number had been suspended and to call in to get this taken care of.

-7:15PM.  Deputy received a complaint from an Ogden resident, who said she was being harassed via the telephone.


Thursday August 29, 2019

-11:13AM.  Officer received a complaint of obscene words being painted on a garden shed at 619 W Maple #1.  Officer stopped by to speak with resident, but nobody was home.


Friday August 30, 2019

-11:50AM Officer removed debris from the road on the EB on ramp to hwy 30.

-1:35PM. Officer investigated a possible restraining order violation.

-3:55PM Officer assisted Ogden Fire Dept with a car fire in the 1500 blk of G Ave.


Saturday August 1, 2019

-6:30PM. Deputy assisted a subject with a child welfare matter at 822 N. 1st St.


Sunday September 1st, 2019

-9:53AM. Officer  recovered lost property in the 300 blk of E Maple St.

-2:51PM. Officer received a complaint on a possible intoxicated driver on highway 30. Driver was ok.

-3:07PM. Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at 229 W. Locust St. It was a false alarm.

-3:20PM. Officer spoke to a subject at 526 NE 2nd St. ref abandoned property.

-10:36PM. Deputy investigated suspicious activity at 526 SE 2nd St.