Police Report 8/24/20-8/30/20


Monday August 24, 2020
-10:20AM. Officer received a complaint of possible harassment of an Ogden resident by a neighbor.
-10:44AM. Officer received a complaint of a barking dog in the 500 block of east Oak Street. Officer talked with owner of dog and advised to put the dog inside, when it starts barking.
-3:45PM. Officer received a report that an elderly male had stopped at a residence on east Maple Street claiming that he was looking for his grandson. The complainant thought this was suspicious. The officer located the subject in the 600 block of west Walnut and the subject advised he was trying to find his 19-year-old grandson Trevor Edel. Ogden Officer and Boone County Deputy were able to locate Edel at an Ogden residence. The officer and Deputy discovered there was a warrant for Edel out of Hamilton County, so the Deputy arrested Edel and transported to Boone County Jail.

Tuesday August 25, 2020
-9:36PM. Genny Westberg, 38, of Ogden reported that her ex-husband, Phillip Patten, 58, of Ogden has been drinking and took her vehicle without permission. Boone County Deputies stopped Phillip north of Boone and arrested for alleged Operating While Intoxicated. Genny was advised where her vehicle was at, so she could go and pick up.
-9:50PM. Deputy removed a bat from an Ogden residence.

Wednesday August 26, 2020
-8:21PM. Deputy received a complaint of an Ogden resident riding a 4-wheeler up and down the street in the 300 block of SW 3rd Street. The deputy was busy on another call at the time.

Thursday August 27, 2020
-6:11PM. Deputy arrested Sondra Millard, 38, of Ogden, on an outstanding warrant.
-10:47PM. Deputies responded to an Ogden residence, regarding a domestic situation. Deputies arrested Jordan Cook, 32, of Boone for alleged Domestic Abuse Assault.

Friday August 28, 2020
-6:45AM. Officer received a report that an elderly male had turned to short leaving the Caseys parking lot and hit the guard rail on north end of parking lot. Officer assisted subject getting his truck out of the guard rail.
-3:45PM. Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a search warrant.
-4:45PM. Officer assisted looking for a subject that had run from an Iowa State Trooper in the 1900 block of I Avenue. The subject was located and arrested.

Saturday August 29, 2020
-6:01PM. Deputy received a complaint of a barking dog in the 400 block of E Walnut Street. The deputy advised owner to put dog inside.

Sunday August 30, 2020
-7:27AM. Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.
-3:56PM. Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.
-5:09PM. Deputy responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Municipal Utilities building. There was an open door, but nothing appeared to be missing. An employee from Ogden Municipal Utilities secured the building.