Police Report 8/19/19-8/25/19





Monday August 19, 2019

-6:14AM.  Officer assisted stranded motorist.

-8:34PM.  Deputy received a report from an Ogden resident that his dog had gotten out of the house.  The resident called back a short time later, advising that he had found his dog.

-11:18PM.  Deputy responded to a report of 4 individuals running past apartment building at 425 SE 2nd Street.  The Deputy was unable to locate any individuals in the area.


Tuesday August 20, 2019

-8:47AM.  Officer responded to a 2-vehicle accident involving property damage.  Joelle Consier, 16, of Ogden was driving a 2014 Chevrolet southbound in the 100 block of NW 4th Street.  Joelle pulled away from the stop sign to go east on Walnut Street and did not see a 1993 Dodge being driven by Dennis Vonnahme, 70, of Ogden who was westbound on Walnut Street. There was approximately $3,000.00 damage to the Consier vehicle and approximately $1,500.00 damage to the Vonnahme vehicle.

-9:10AM.  The manager of Caseys General Store reported that a white male had entered the store and left without paying for 2 items.  The male got into a gray Ford F150 and left.

-10:00AM.  Officer removed a bat from a residence.

-11:34PM.  Resident at 301 SW 3rd reported that someone was knocking on his windows.  The Deputy was unable to locate anyone in the area.


Wednesday August 21, 2019

-4:40PM.  Employees with Johnson & Sons Insurance called to say that found a battery powered hover board just south of office.  Deputy picked up the hover-board and took to Ogden Police Department.


Thursday August 22, 2019

-7:58AM. Officer received a report of a loose dog.

-8:39AM. Officer assisted a subject with a bat in the house.

-2:08PM. Officer assisted a subject with a stranded vehicle in the 400 blk of East Walnut St.


Friday August 23, 2019

-9:30AM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders at 631A Haws Drive.

-2:15PM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders at 101 E. Elm St.

-6:34PM. Deputy responded to the 600 block of West Locust for a loose animal complaint.


Saturday August 24, 2019

-11:11PM.  Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance at 413 E Mulberry.


Sunday August 25, 2019

-7:20AM.  Officer received a report of a reckless driver eastbound on 220th from Ogden.  The vehicle was stopped by a Boone Police Officer at Kate Shelley Drive and 220th.

-7:50AM.  The manager of Caseys General Store called to report a vehicle that has been parking on property without permission.  The officer had the communications center try to make contact with owner of vehicle.  A message was left on answering machine.

-3:42PM.  Officer was called to an Ogden residence to assist subject with oxygen machine.  The officer plugged the oxygen machine in, so the battery could charge. The subject denied medical attention.  A family friend stayed with subject, until a family member could get there.