Police Report 8/12/19-8/18/19





Monday August 12, 2019

-9:30AM.  Officer was dispatched to check on a male subject who was reported to be walking east on 220th Street near Beaver.  The officer picked up the subject and gave a ride to gas station at Highway 141 and Highway 169 interchange.

-2:10AM.  Officer received a complaint of subjects driving across private property in the 500 block of S 1st Street.  Officer contacted the property owner where the cars were leaving from and asked to tell visitors to stop driving on the neighbor’s property, when they leave.

-6:13PM.  Deputy responded to a 2-vehicle accident in the Dollar General Parking Lot.  This was a minor accident and no state report was filed.


Tuesday August 13, 2019

-11:57AM  Deputy received  report of a female walking around 513 SW 5th Street.  The deputy was unable to locate the individual.


Wednesday August 14, 2019

-5:32PM.  Deputy received a report of a subject being bitten by a dog in the 300 block of west Walnut Street.

-6:14PM.  Deputy assisted subject who needed a ride to Ames.


Thursday August 15, 2019

-8:53AM.  Deputy assisted Ogden resident remove a bat from home.

-2:42PM.  Deputy was asked to check on welfare of an Ogden resident.  The deputy made contact with subject and he was fine.

-11:23PM.  Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.


Friday August 16, 2019

-No reported activity.


Saturday August 17 , 2019

-11:33AM.  Officer was asked to check on welfare of an Ogden resident because family members were unable to make contact with him.  The resident had been taken to hospital 2 days earlier and was still there.

-8:53PM. Deputy responded to an Ogden residence in regards to subject picking up the rest of her belongings.

-8:59PM.  Deputy responded to an Ogden residence in regards to a possible domestic situation.  The male subject was not at the residence, when the deputy arrived.

-9:03PM.  Deputy was asked to check on welfare of a child.  The child was fine.


Sunday August 18, 2019

-10:53AM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-1:05PM.  Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at the Old Howe Elementary Building.  The officer met with custodian and checked the building.  There was nobody in the building and all doors were secure.

-4:55PM.  Deputy was called to an Ogden residence to stand-by while female picked up belongings.