Police Report 7/8/19-7/14/19





Monday July 8, 2019

-11:55AM.  Jeffrey Orrell called in and reported that his brake lines had been cut.  Jeffrey called back 15 minutes later and advised Deputy did not respond as quickly as Mr Orrell thought he should, so he advised Deputy not show up at all.

-1:38PM.  Deputy attempted to help subject locked out of vehicle.  Deputy was unable to gain access to vehicle.

-8:10PM.  Camella Elsner reported her canoe stolen from 619 NW 4th Street.  Deputy responded and discovered that Camella owned this canoe with another subject and that subject had removed the canoe.  Camella was advised this was a civil matter.

-9:41PM.  Deputy assisted subject locked out of vehicle.


Tuesday July 9, 2019

-6:06AM.  Ogden resident called to report he had caught a dog running loose near the railroad tracks in the 600 block of west Locust Street.  Deputy took the dog to the Boone Area Humane Society.

-11:01AM.  Deputy responded to a fire alarm at Ogden Middle School.  This was determined to be a false alarm.


Wednesday July 10, 2019

-No reported activity


Thursday July 11, 2019

-4:19PM.  Holly Thompson reported that her German Shorthair dog had gotten loose and was last seen running east from her residence at 614 E Walnut Street.


Friday July 12, 2019

-4:08PM.  Ogden officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a traffic stop in the 800 block of 130th Street.

-8:12PM.  Deputy responded to an incident where Ogden resident called and claimed her husband would throw her belongings outside, whenever she left the residence.  The deputy spoke with both parties.


Saturday July 1, 2019

-11:13AM.  Officer provided a funeral escort from St John Catholic Church to the St John Catholic Cemetery.

-7:26PM.  Deputy responded to an intrusion alarm at North Middle School.  This was set off by an employee.


Sunday July 14, 2019

-10:02PM.  Deputy received a report of 2 females hiding behind cars near North Middle School.  Deputy was unable to locate anyone in the area.