Police Report 7/29/19-8/4/19





Monday July 29, 2019

-5:23AM. Deputy responded to a report of a male subject that had been located in the grain dryer in the 400 block of west Locust Street.  Deputy called Ogden Fire Department and Ogden First Responders.  The Ogden Fire Department was able to cut a panel and remove the male subject from the grain dryer.  Ogden police officer took subject to Boone County Hospital for evaluation.

-8:29AM.  Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at an Ogden residence.  This was set off by a family friend.  Officer called owner of home and left message.

-9:00AM.  Ogden resident caught a German Shepherd dog and brought to the city kennel.  The owner was notified where to pick up the animal.

-11:00AM. Officer assisted stranded motorist.

-1:53PM.  Officer received a report of a vehicle eastbound on 220th from Ogden that was having difficulty maintaining lane of traffic.  The vehicle was stopped by a Boone Police Officer just west of Story Street on 220th.

-3:47PM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-4:18PM.  Ogden resident reported that she had received a text from an unknown phone number saying they were going to take money out of her bank account.  The resident notified her bank and they were going to watch for this transaction.

-6:20PM.  Officer received a complaint of a barking dog at 414 NE 4th Street.  There was nobody at home but officer was able to make contact with the owner of the dog, who was at work.  The owner said he would check on dog, but he has food and water.


Tuesday July 30, 2019

-6:24AM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.


Wednesday July 31, 2019

-11:35AM.  Ogden resident reported being harassed via Facebook.  Officer spoke with the offending party and advised to stop.

-6:53PM.  A juvenile male called in and advised that his juvenile brothers were outside playing with a lighter.  Officer arrived at residence, just as mother was getting home.  The officer and mother spoke with the juveniles.


Thursday August 1, 2019

-3:00PM.  An Ogden resident reported having a wood chuck caught in a egress window well.  The officer caught the woodchuck and released in the country.

-4:00PM.  Ogden resident reported that 14-year-old male had left the residence without permission.  The officer picked up the boy and returned to residence.


Friday August 2, 2019

-12:44PM.  Officer was asked to check on welfare of children.  There was nobody home at the residence.

-7:46PM.  Deputy was called to an Ogden residence in regards to a child custody issue.


Saturday August 3, 2019

-11:40AM.  Landlord reported that a pickup truck with expired tags has been abandoned on one of her rental properties.  Officer typed up letter for landlord to send to registered owner, notifying subject that if vehicle is not removed in 10 days, it will be sold.

-12:49PM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a traffic stop.

-9:42PM.  Deputy responded to a report of someone knocking on doors in the 200 block of SW 6th Street.  The deputy was unable to locate anyone in the area.


Sunday August 4, 2019

-2:33PM.  Deputy was asked to check on welfare of an elderly woman at the Ogden Caseys.  The deputy was able to make contact with family member, who came and picked the woman up and took home.