Police Report 7/22/19-7/28/19





Monday July 22, 2019

-1:59AM.  Deputies responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Caseys.  This was determined to be a false alarm.

-6:32AM.  Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Middle School.  This was set off by construction crew.

-1:00PM.  A terrier dog was brought to the Ogden City Hall.  The dog followed a young boy who was coming to get on the pool bus.  The officer was able to find the owner and return the dog.

-2:00PM.  Ogden officer and Ogden Fire Chief lead the Ogden High School Girls softball team out of town, as they headed for the State Tournament.

-2:22PM.  Officer received a report of a Yellow 4-wheel ATV being driven by a juvenile female with a male juvenile on front luggage rack and a female juvenile on the rear luggage rack.  The officer was unable to locate the ATV.

-3:30PM.  Officer located the ATV at a residence in the 100 block of SE 2nd Street.  Officer spoke with the juveniles standing around the ATV and advised they cannot ride on the road because they have no license, no registration, and no insurance.


Tuesday July 23, 2019

-8:35AM.  Officer responded to an Ogden address in regards to an elderly female throwing things inside of the residence.  The female subject had calmed down upon officer’s arrival.

-7:03PM.  Deputy received a complaint of a subject burning and causing a lot of smoke.  Deputy spoke with subject and had him extinguish the fire.

-8:29PM. Deputy received a complaint of a dog barking at 702 W Locust Street.  The dog was not barking, when Deputy arrived in the area.


Wednesday July 24, 2019

-10:50AM.  An Ogden resident reported having a stray cat around her residence.  Officer set up a live trap.

-3:40PM.  Officer returned phone call to Hamilton County Social Services in regards to an elderly female from Ogden that had showed up at one of their apartments.  Officer notified family member of the elderly woman and he went picked her up.

-4:00PM.  Officer received a report that a yellow Labrador Dog had been caught in the 600 block of west Locust.  The owner of the dog had called in earlier that he had run away.  The officer returned the dog to the owner.


Thursday July 25, 2019

-9:50AM. Officer investigated suspicious activity at 208 E Sycamore St.

Friday July 26, 2019

-6:11AM. Officer responded to a fire alarm at the Ogden middle School. It was a false alarm.

-8:10AM Officer received a loose animal complaint in the 400 blk of NW 7th St.Animal was eventually turned over to its owner.

-1:40PM. Officer received a loose animal complaint in the 600 blk of NW 3rd St. Animal was located and eventually returned to its owner.


Saturday July 27, 2019

-10:55AM. Officer assisted a lost motorist in the 400 block of East Walnut St.

-11:33AM. Officer assisted with traffic control for a funeral procession.


Sunday July 28, 2019

-12:43PM.  Officer caught dog and had Boone Area Humane Society to come and get.

-2:13PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.