Police Report 7/16/18-7/22/18

Monday July 16, 2018

-6:20AM.  Manager of Caseys General Store reported that a subject had left without paying for gas on Saturday, July 14, but had used their Hy-Vee Fuel Saver card.  The officer was able to make contact with the subject to return and pay for gas.

-11:30AM.  Marty Prouty reported that some unknown person(s) stole a 2000 watt portable generator and 100’ heavy duty extension cord.

-5:52PM.  Deputy responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Municipal Utilities.  This was determined to be a false alarm.

-11:24PM.  Deputy checked on 2 individuals in the area of Howe Elementary School.  They were just walking through on the sidewalk.


Tuesday July 17, 2018

-7:10AM.  Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Farm & Feed.   This was a false alarm.

-3:55PM.  Officer investigated a 2-vehicle accident at the westbound 220th off ramp to south First Street.  Jason Loecker, 46, of Ogden driving a 1995 Jeep westbound on the off ramp.  Loecker had stopped behind a 2013 Ford driven by Caitlin Tolsdorf, 22, of Ogden, who was at the westbound off ramp stop sign. Tolsdorf had started to take off and had to stop again, Loecker did not notice her stop again and hit her back bumper.  There was approximately $1,500.00 damage to the Tolsdorf vehicle and no damage to the Loecker vehicle.

-4:47PM.  Ashley Vaughn, 32, of Ogden reported to Deputy that she is being harassed via text messages by her ex-husband.  The Deputy advised her would speak with her ex-husband.


Wednesday July 18, 2018

-8:13AM.  Officer received a complaint of a vehicle being driven recklessly.  Officer located the vehicle in the 300 block of NE 4th Street and talked with the driver about his driving habits.


Thursday July 19, 2018

-8:05AM.  Officer spoke with resident about parking vehicle on the roadway.

-1:25PM.  Officer provided traffic control for street department, while he was edging the shoulder of road.


Friday July 20, 2018

-9:00AM.  A key and a Harley Davidson Fob were turned in at Ogden Police Department.

-11:20AM.  An Ogden resident reported receiving a harassing letter in the mail.

-3:55PM.  An Ogden resident turned in some ammunition that he found in his yard.

-4:18PM.  Deputy responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Municipal Utilities.  This was determined to be a false alarm.


Saturday July 21, 2018

-10:40AM. Officer spoke to a subject reference a traffic hazard in the 300 block of SW 7th St.

-11:10PM. Deputy responded to a intrusion alarm at Howe Elementary school.


Sunday July 22, 2018

-2:58PM. Officer responded to a possible domestic situation in the 200 block of hwy 30. Officer and deputies were unable to locate.

-5:56PM. Deputies assisted Ogden First Responders at 308 SW 6th St.