Police Report 7/13/20-7/19/20


Monday July 13, 2020
-No reported activity.

Tuesday July 14, 2020
-9:58AM. Officer returned phone call to Ogden resident regarding child being harassed via an internet game.
-2:13PM. Officer investigated a 2-vehicle accident at S 1st and Veterans. There was less than $1,500 damage, so no state report was filed.
-6:15PM. Deputy received a complaint from an Ogden resident of being harassed by another parent due to an incident that happened between their kids.

Wednesday July 15, 2020
-8:02AM. ACCURA Health administrator reported an altercation that had taken place between two (2) residents on Monday, July 13, 2020. There were no injuries.
-11:10AM. Officer spoke with Ogden resident about cleaning up property.

Thursday July 16, 2020
-8:30AM. Officer received a report of a possible accident in the 700 block of H Avenue. The officer checked the area and there were no vehicles around.
-4:28PM. Deputy received a complaint of 2 old refrigerators sitting in backyard at 520 S 1st Street. The deputy advised he would talk with landlord tomorrow.

Friday July 17, 2020
-7:58AM. Ogden officer spoke with landlord about 2 refrigerators that are sitting in backyard of a rental property. Landlord advised he would move the refrigerators.
-8:40AM. Subject turned in a chain saw that he watched fall out of the back of a pickup truck as it turned east on Walnut Street from NW 4th Street. The chain saw may be claimed at Ogden Police Department.
-11:45AM. Officer received a report of an adult male and a 10-year-old male child, who was nude, standing on shoulder of eastbound lane of 220th Street on west side of river. Officer and deputy checked the area and were unable to locate the individuals.

Saturday July 18, 2020
-11:59AM. Officer was asked to check on welfare of 2 dogs that were outside. The dogs were inside house, when officer arrived, and were in good shape.
-2:55PM. Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a car verses motorcycle accident resulting in minor personal injury at J Avenue and 216th Drive.

Sunday July 19, 2020
-1:25PM. Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a car/deer accident in 1300 block of H Avenue.
-2:45PM. Officer located a water leak at NW 2nd and Chestnut. Officer notified Ogden Municipal Utilities.
-3:35PM. Officer was asked to look for a vehicle all over the road from 290th Street northbound on H Avenue. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.
-3:47PM. Officer assisted stranded motorist in the 600 block of 260th Street.
-10:37PM. Deputy responded to a male juvenile out of control at 413 W Division Street