Police Report 6/11/18-6/17/418

Monday June 11, 2018

-10:10AM.  Clinton Mantz reported that someone had removed a fence post and a lawn ornament and laid them on his property within the last month.

-9:45PM. Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with and accident involving personal injury in the 500 block of 220th Street.

-9:57PM.  Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at the Ogden Municipal Utilities.  The building was secure.


Tuesday June 12, 2018

-1:07PM.  Ogden resident reported theft of items that she believed could be used to steal her identity.  Officer advised subject to freeze her and family members credit.

-1:41PM.  Ogden resident reported being harassed.

-8:16PM.  Officer was asked to check on welfare of 3 year old boy.  The boy was fine.

-9:07PM.  Officer arrested Deanna Rather, 48, of Jefferson for alleged OWI-1st offense and child endangerment.

-11:50PM.  Accura Health Care reported that a resident had walked away from the building.  The resident was located lying on the ground outside of the building and the staff was able to get him back inside.


Wednesday June 13, 2018

-6:07PM.  Deputy received a report of a subject that appears to have trouble catching her German Shepherd dog at SE 3rd and Mulberry.

-9:24PM.  Deputy received a complaint of loud music at NW 6th and Cherry.  Deputy spoke with subject living at 602 W Cherry Street and advised to turn music down.

-9:26PM. Deputy received a complaint of fireworks in the 200 block of SW 5th Street.

-9:57PM.  Deputy noticed that a warning sign had been knocked down just north of the railroad tracks on NW 7th Street.


Thursday June 14, 2018

-No reported activity


Friday June 15, 2018

-10:22AM. Officer handled a noise complaint at 245 W. Walnut St. Apt. #3

-10:43AM. Officer did a civil standby at 619 W. Maple St. Apt. #2

-4:02PM. Officer assisted Ogden First responders at 307 SE 4th St.

-5:13PM. Deputy investigated a minor two vehicle accident in the 100 blk of W. Veterans St.


Saturday June 16, 2018

-6:29AM. Deputy investigated an intrusion alarm at 229 W. Locust St. It was a false alarm.

-1:16PM. Officer notified the street dep’t reference a large amount of broken glass in the road at NW 8th and Locust St.

-2:15PM. Officer checked the welfare of children in the 100 blk of East Locust St.

-2:25PM. Officer checked on a possible stranded motorist in the 700 blk of hwy 30.

-3:27PM. Officer recovered some lost property from an Ogden resident in the 600 blk of NW 7th St.


Sunday June 17, 2018

-9:22AM. Officer assisted a lost motorist in the 100 blk of S. 1st

-9:38PM. Officer assisted a lost motorist in the 100 block of S. 1st St.

-7:47PM. Deputy assisted a subject with a loose dog in the 500 blk of W. Division St.

-9:34PM. Deputy investigated a protective order violation at 202 E. Division St.