Police Report 5/08/17 – 5/14/17

Monday May 8, 2017

-3:0PM. Officer removed debris from the roadway in the 300 blk of E. Walnut St.

-3:48PM. Officer assisted a stranded motorist at 320 SW 2nd St.

-4:59PM Officer assisted a Boone Co. Deputy with a disabled vehicle at the intersection of 170th and D Avenue.

-6:32PM. Officer investigated a complaint of a reckless driver on 170th St. Officer was unable to locate.


Tuesday May 9, 2017

-8:58AM. Officer received a complaint of a resident that has not mowed his/her yard yet. The officer spoke with resident and they will get the lawn mowed.

-11:31AM. Officer received a school bus violation report. Officer cited Paul Millang, 53, of Ogden for alleged unsafe passing of a stopped school bus.

-5:29PM. Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-8:35AM. Officer received a report from the parent of a middle school child that his daughter had been assaulted while at school today. The officer spoke with all parties involved and both parents agreed that no charges need to be filed as long as this doesn’t happen again.


Wednesday May 10, 2017

-10:02AM. Officer was asked to check on the welfare of a child. The child was fine.

-1:35PM. An Ogden resident reported a black 26” boys mountain bike was missing from residence.

-3:52PM. Officer assisted resident who was locked out of residence.

-7:18PM. Officer returned a key fob to owner. The fob was found outside of the Community Center on Sunday.


Thursday May 11, 2017

-5:03PM. Officer received a complaint of 2 male juveniles climbing the rock pile in the 200 block of N 1st on the Secondary Road Property and throwing rocks into the street and at cars. The officer spoke with the boys and advised them to stay off of the rock pile and to go home.

-10:00PM. Officer received a complaint of a possible fight in the 400 block of NE 2nd Street. This was a verbal argument between a resident at 402 NE 2nd arguing with a subject who was walking his dog passed her house and it caused her dogs to bark.


Friday May 12, 2017

-1:47PM. Ogden High School Principal reported that a student had made threats against another student. After searching gym bag a pocket knife was found. There were no charges filed, but the student is being dealt with according to Ogden High School Handbook.

-6:58PM. Officer received a complaint of a group of juveniles on the railroad tracks at the 1st Street Crossing. Officer was unable to locate anyone near the tracks.


Saturday May 13, 2017

-4:56AM. Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at the Howe Elementary School Building. Ogden officer and Ogden School Custodian found the building to be secured and no one was in or around the building.

-7:42AM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance with an Ogden resident that had passed away during the night.

-8:41AM. Officer received a complaint of a dog that was tangled up in its tie out cable and had no food or water. The officer spoke with the owner of the dog and had the owner free the animal. The officer also informed the owner, the animal needs to be tied up in a tangle free environment and be provided food, water and shelter. The officer advised he would be stopping by periodically and checking that this items have been addressed.

-2:10PM. Officer received a complaint of a group of 4-5 juvenile boys riding a mini-bike on the Howe Elementary Grounds. The officer talked to a parent of boys that owned the mini-bike and advised to stay on their own property.

-7:37PM. Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with several intoxicated subjects at Don Williams Lake campground.


Sunday May 14, 2017

-12:35PM. Officer was asked to look for a black Dodge pickup that left the south side Caseys in Boone without pay for gas. The driver was possibly in route to Stratford. Ogden officer was unable to locate the vehicle.