Police Report 5/01/17 – 5/07/17

Monday May 1, 2017

-7:25AM. Officer attempted to locate a vehicle south of Ogden on H Avenue that was reportedly driving recklessly. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

-3:02PM. Officer investigated harassment.

-6:03PM. Officer assisted a stranded motorist at 331 SW 7th St.


Tuesday May 2, 2017

12:45PM Officer arrested Andrew Anderson, 40,at 619 W. Elm St. for an outstanding warrant.


Wednesday May 3, 2017

-8:10AM. Officer investigated a 2-vehicle accident in the parking lot at Howe Elementary School. Marlene Haberer, 65, of Ogden driving a 2005 Chrysler was involved in an accident with Brad DeShong, 26, of Ogden who was driving a 2005 Ford. There was approximately $2,000.00 damage to the Haberer vehicle and $1,500.00 damage to the DeShong vehicle. There were no charges filed as this occurred on private property.

-12:20PM. Officer responded to Ogden High School in regards to a student had made threatening remarks.

-1:15PM. Officer assisted subject who was washing her vehicle in the automatic car wash at south side car wash and the car wash dolly stopped in front of her vehicle and would not let her exit the vehicle and both doors were down. Officer notified the owner, who advised the officer to go get keys for maintenance room and push bottom to open the east door so subject could back out of the wash bay.

-5:48PM. Gene Miller reported theft of an air compressor and assorted tools from the bed of his truck while it was parked outside of his residence.


Thursday May 4, 2017

-10:20AM. Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-3:30PM. A bicycle was found at Lincoln Prairie Park and was taken to the City Maintenance Shed.

-3:35PM. Officer assisted stranded motorist.

-5:37PM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.


Friday May 5, 2017

-1:08PM. Officer responded to 620 W Walnut #3 in regards to a civil matter.

-3:25PM. Ogden resident reported they had lost a black carabiner key ring with 4 keys.

-7:21PM. Officer arrested Gary Riordan, 62, of Menlo, for alleged driving while revoked. Riordan was also cited for speed.


Saturday May 6, 2017

-6:30AM. Officer picked up two loose dogs in the 300 blk of sw 3rd st.

-9:20AM. Officer investigated a suspicious vehicle.

-8:11PM. Officer assisted a subject with a motor vehicle question.

–10:39PM Officer investigated a complaint of fire works.


Sunday May 7, 2017

-12:45AM. Officer assisted a Boone County Deputy with a traffic stop in the 400 blk of hwy 30.

-4:06AM Officer responded to the Ogden High School for an intrusion alarm. It was a false alarm.

-11:52AM. Officer assisted a stranded motorist at 231 S. 1st St.

-8:52PM. Officer did a civil standby at 519 E. Walnut St. Apt. #3