Police Report 5/7/18-5/13/18

Monday May 7, 2018

-9:13AM.  Officer stood-by while subject picked up child for visitation.

-10:00AM.  Eleanor Rubenking reported that a 9.9HP Mercury outboard motor was taken from a boat parked at her residence.

-11:40AM.  Officer received a complaint from an Ogden resident in regards to a property line dispute.  Officer advised the resident that she needs to have the property pins located, so we know where the property line is.

-12:59PM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputies with a search warrant.

-4:48PM.  Officer was asked to check for debris in the traveled portion of the road approximately 2 miles east of Ogden in westbound 220th Street.  The officer was unable to locate any debris.

-8:55PM.  Officer received a report of a teenage male that had left the house claiming he was running away.  The officer located the subject and returned home.

-9:21PM.  Officer assisted a probation officer with a home call on a client.


Tuesday May 8, 2018

-8:00AM.  Officer was called to the Ogden Middle School in regards to a student assaulting a teacher on Monday, May 7, 2018.  Officer charged a 13-year-old male student with simple assault.

-5:29PM.  Officer stood-by while subject picked up belongings from residence.


Wednesday May 9, 2018

-6:59PM.  Officer received a complaint of a dog running loose in the 300 block of NW 2nd Street.  The owner of the dog at 113 W Maple already had caught the dog and put back in house, upon officer’s arrival.

-7:19PM.  Officer spoke with subject at 119 W Maple about letting his dog run loose.

-7:20PM.  Officer spoke with resident at 201 W Elm Street about his barking dog.


Thursday May 10, 2018

-10:30AM  An Ogden resident turned in a set of keys on a carabiner that were found in the 300 block of East Oak Street by the Howe Ball fields.  These keys can be identified at the Ogden Police Department.  Also, another set of keys on a ring were found outside of Ogden City Hall.  These rings can also be identified at Ogden Police Department.  A garage door opener was found near Ogden High School and turned in at Ogden Police Department.  This can ban identified at Ogden Police Department.

-11:45AM.  Officer received a report of a small black dog running loose in the 600 block of NW 2nd Street.  The owner was picking up the dog upon officer’s arrival.




Friday May 11, 2018

-9:30AM. Officer investigated a complaint of harassment and possible violation of a no contact order.

-3:14PM. Officer assisted Ogden First responders at 301 E. Division St.

-3:23PM. Officer investigated a two vehicle accident in the 200 blk of N. 1st St.


Saturday May 12, 2018

-8:29AM. Officer arrested  Terrance Steinbach at 619 Haws Dr. Apt. #1 on a outstanding Boone County warrant.

-11:37AM. Officer investigated a complaint of vandalism at Ogden Farm and feed.

-1:05PM. Officer assisted the Ogden Fire Dep’t on a chemical spill from a semi in the 200 blk of S. 1st St.

-3:17PM Officer assisted the Boone Police Dep’t with a vehicle pursuit in the 700 blk of hwy 30. Officer deployed stop sticks ending the vehicle pursuit.

-3:46PM. Officer assisted a stranded motorist at the Leonard Good Center.

-3:53PM. Officer spoke to a resident reference a property dispute.


Sunday May 13, 2018

-7:28AM. Officer responded to an incomplete 911 at 244 SW 3rd St . It was a child playing on the phone.

-2:55PM. Officer assisted a subject with a civil matter.

-7:23PM. Deputy assisted Ogden First responders at 425 SE 2nd St. Apt. #9

-7:54PM. Deputies responded to a security alarm at the Ogden High School. It was set off by an employee.