Police Report 5/13/19-5/19/19





Monday May 13, 2019

-8:30AM.  Officer was called to an Ogden residence in regards to a fight between a 41 year old female and her 18 year old niece.  There were no charges filed.


Tuesday May 14, 2019

-9:20AM. Deputy investigated a civil matter.

-11:39AM Deputy investigated harassment.

-12:32PM. Deputy investigated a two vehicle accident in the 100 block of W. Veterans.

-5:13PM. Deputy investigated an alleged assault at Accura Healthcare.


Wednesday May 15, 2019

-10:09AM. Officer handled an animal complaint at 331 SE 2nd St.

-10:18AM. Officer assisted with traffic control at SW 4th and W. Mulberry St. for a spilled load on the road.

-12:01PM. Officer assisted a Boone County Deputy and Ogden Fire in the 200 blk of 220th Street with a semi fire.

-1:00PM. Officer investigated a burning complaint in the 100 blk of W. Sycamore St.

-1:45PM. Officer investigated a burning complaint in the 100 blk of W. Sycamore St.

-4:41PM. Deputy investigated a complaint of a juvenile with a pocket knife at the city park. Deputy never located the child.

-9:30PM. Deputies investigated  suspicious activity at 113 W. Maple St.


Thursday May 16, 2019

-2:39PM. Officer investigated harassment

-10:49PM. Deputy assisted a citizen locked out of his house at 532 S. 1st St.


Friday May 17, 2019

-11:57AM.  Officer received a complaint of a silver impala driving eastbound on 220th Street from Grand Junction at a high rate of speed and making bad passes.  The officer stopped the vehicle in the 600 block of 220th Street.  The vehicle was not speeding at the time but had no license plates.  The vehicle was recently purchased.

-8:51PM.  Deputy received a complaint of someone burning on the east side of town.  The deputy said there was a strange odor, but he could not locate anyone that was burning.


Saturday May 18, 2019

-11:18AM.  Officer attempted to speak with resident about lawn needing mowed but nobody would come to door.  Officer notified landlord.

-5:42PM.  Deputy received a complaint of a Black Scion driving fast in the 200 block of SW 7th Street.  The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.


Sunday May 19, 2019

-12:23AM.  Deputy was asked to check on welfare of an Ogden resident.  The subject was fine.

-4:25PM.  Randy Jennings, 207 NE 3rd reported to Deputy that he has a sink hole in his yard.

-9:11PM.  Deputy received a complaint of a pickup truck driving around with a light bar on roof that has a blinding white light.  The Deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.