Police Report 1/11/21-1/17/21


Monday January 11, 2021
-No reported activity

Tuesday January 12, 2021
-1:35PM. Ogden resident asked Officer how to dispose of old insulin. The officer advised to empty the insulin into kitty litter and then dispose in the trash.
-3:10PM. Officer gave a male teenager a ride home. The subject was having extreme back pain and having trouble walking.
-3:45PM. Officer spoke with subject regarding a parking issue on Walnut Street.
-9:21PM. Officer assisted Deputy looking for a subject who had made suicidal comments and his phone had pinged an area in SW Ogden. Officer and Deputy were unable to locate.

Wednesday January 13, 2021
-3:44PM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.
-4:00PM. Officer assisted Ogden resident in removing an unwanted subject from his premises.
-4:10PM. Officer led a birthday parade for an Ogden resident.

Thursday January 14, 2021
-6:11AM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders lifting an elderly male that had slipped out of chair and needed assistance standing up.
-7:28AM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.
-11:50AM. Officer investigated a 2-vehicle accident at SW 4th and Mulberry. Ricky Hamilton, 59, of Ogden was backing his 2013 Ram out of a parking space and ran into a 2011 Toyota driven by Sylvia Dunkelberger, 73, of Ogden who was stopped at the eastbound stop sign on Mulberry at SW 4th. There was no damage to Hamilton’s vehicle and approximately $2,000 damage to Dunkelberger’s vehicle.
-6:20PM. Deputy responded to a domestic situation at 220 NE 4th Street. Deputy gave the male half a ride to Rippey for the evening.

Friday January 15, 2021
-10:57AM. Officer investigated a minor car accident involving a street sign at NW 7th and Elm St.
-3:47PM. Officer investigated a suspicious person walking on the railroad tracks. Officer spoke to the subject and gave him a ride home.

Saturday January 16, 2021
-12:09AM. Deputy responded to 420 W. Cherry St. to assist Ogden First responders.
-11:44AM. Officer assisted with traffic control for a funeral escort going to Boone.
-1:13PM. Officer assisted a subject with a suspicious vehicle that was possibly involved in a theft. Vehicle was located in Boone.

Sunday January 17, 2021
-11:38PM Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders at 307 SW 3rd St.