Police Report 4/29/19-5/5/19





Monday April 29, 2019

-5:58AM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance at 314 SW 2nd Street.

-8:44AM.  Ogden resident reported receiving phone calls from Publisher Clearing House asking her to send money via Western Union to receive her winnings.  Resident was advised this was a scam.

-6:38PM.  Deputy responded a report of theft of money.


Tuesday April 30, 2019

-1:50AM.  Deputy received a complaint of suspicious activity.  A vehicle had been parked at the ATM for approximately 20 minutes.  The deputy checked on the vehicle and the subject was fine.

-9:11AM.  Officer received a complaint of a marijuana smell in the hallway at 425 SE 2nd Street.  Officer spoke with resident of apartment that the smell was thought to be coming from and could not smell any odor in the apartment and the resident denied smoking marijuana.

-10:55AM.  Officer provided a funeral escort from Carson/Stapp Funeral Home to the Glenwood Cemetery.

-2:00PM.  Officer responded to a domestic situation at 502 S 1st Street.  This was an argument between 17-year-old male and a 19-year-old female.  The female wanted her belongings.  A time was set up for the female to come back and pick up her belongings.

-4:54PM.  Officer stood-by while female picked up her belongings.

Wednesday May1, 2019

-3:19AM.  Deputies responded to an intrusion alarm at Howe Elementary.  This was determined to be a false alarm.

-12:49PM.  Officer received a call from a female who claimed that her ex-husband was not returning their daughter to her.  The officer advised female to contact her attorney and have the attorney file a contempt of court claim.

-3:47PM.  Officer responded to a complaint of suspicious activity in the 300 block of W Sycamore Street.  Officer talked with a group of teenagers that had just purchased an article of clothing.

-10:46PM.  Ogden resident reported his white house cat had run out of the house.


Thursday May 2, 2019

-7:28PM.  Officer received a complaint of dogs running at large.  Officer spoke with owner of dogs at 413 W Cherry Street and advised to keep dogs on their property.

-7:41PM.  Officer received a report of a white cat running loose in alley between SW 6th and SW 7th.  Officer notified owner who had reported the cat missing last evening.


Friday May 3, 2019

-1:55AM.  Officer assisted Ogden Fire with a report of a Carbon Monoxide Detector going off at an Ogden residence.  This was determined to be a faulty detector.

-12:15PM.  Officer accompanied Probation Officer to visit with a client of his in Ogden.

-2:31PM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputies, Ogden First Responders, Ogden Fire and Boone County Ambulance with a single vehicle accident resulting in personal injury, west of H Avenue on 230th Street.

-6:31PM.  Deputy took a complaint from an Ogden resident that she was being harassed by 2 male subjects in a white 4 door Mercury, while she was walking on the bike trail.  The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.


Saturday May 4, 2019

-12:49PM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a male and a female acting strange in Pilot Mound.  The female was wanted out of Polk County.


Sunday May 5, 2019

-7:12AM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders at Accura Health.