Police Report 3/4/19-3/10/19





Monday March 4, 2019

-9:17PM. Deputy assisted a stranded motorist at SW 7th and W. Walnut St.


Tuesday March 5, 2019

-8:33AM. Officer investigated a minor vehicle accident at the Ogden High School.

-11:25AM Officer responded to a fire alarm at the Ogden Middle School.  This was determined to be a false alarm.

-6:54PM. Deputy investigated an animal complaint at 607 NW 7th Lot 4.


Wednesday March 6, 2019

-3:10PM.  Officer assisted stranded motorist in the 600 block of S 1st Street.


Thursday March 7, 2019

-8:36AM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-11:38AM.  Ogden resident reported a phone scam.  Someone claiming to be a grandson and needed money, or he was going to jail.  The resident kept asking questions until the caller hung up.

-6:13PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders.

-6:30PM.  Officer gave a presentation to Tiger Scouts.


Friday March 8, 2019

-1:17PM.  Officer investigated a 2-vehicle accident in the 100 block of SW 2nd Street.  There was less than $1,500.00 damage, so no state report was filed.

-11:50PM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputies with a single vehicle accident in the 800 block of H Avenue.


Saturday March 9, 2019

-7:16AM.  Ogden resident reported that he believed the City’s sanitary sewer line is plugged in the 600 block of N 1st Street.  Officer notified Sewer Superintendent.  Sewer Superintendent jetted the line, which was plugged.

-3:26PM.  Officer assisted Deputy with a vehicle that had gone in the ditch in the 800 block of H Avenue.


Sunday March 10, 2019

-7:22AM.  Officer notified Street Superintendent that snow had drifted across the road in the 800 block of N 1st Street.  Street Superintendent came out and cleared the snow/slush from the roadway.

-9:50AM.  Officer checked on a vehicle in the ditch in the 1500 block of H Avenue.  There was nobody around the vehicle.