Police Report 3/25/19-3/31/19





Monday March 25, 2019

-7:48AM.  Officer stopped a truck to advise the driver that doors were open on his service box.

-8:15AM.  Officer was asked to look for a semi-tractor-trailer hauling hay and reportedly about ready to lose a bale.  The officer stopped the semi in the 600 block of 220th.  The load was secure.

-5:21PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders.

-8:55PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.


Tuesday March 26, 2019

-3:10PM.  Officer spoke with Ogden resident about vehicle that was parked on traveled portion of the road in the 400 block of west Division Street.

-7:32PM.  Ogden resident reported that a male juvenile was riding a 4-wheel ATV on her property and she would like him to stop.  Officer talked with the juvenile and his mother and advised him to stop riding on the neighbor’s property.


Wednesday March 27, 2019

-7:39AM.  Officer received several reports of a large white dog running at large between NW 7th Street and the Ogden Maintenance Shed.  The officer was unable to catch the dog.

-7:25PM.  Officer was asked to check on welfare of an Ogden resident.  The officer spoke with the resident and she was fine.

-8:20PM.  Blake Haub reported his front license plate was taken off of his truck while it was parked in High School parking lot.

-9:32PM.  Union Pacific railroad reported a large white dog running loose in the area of the NW 4th Street railroad crossing.  Officer was unable to locate the dog.


Thursday March 28, 2019

-8:12AM.  Secretary at Howe Elementary reported 3 males in a white truck parked in the north parking lot.  Officer spoke with the males and they are with a construction company doing work for the school.  They were at the wrong building.

-12:32PM.  Lisa Campbell, Caseys General Store Manager, reported a gas drive off by a white male driving a red SUV.  This occurred on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

-1:12PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-1:32PM.  Ogden resident reported a large white dog running at large in the 600 block of Haws Drive.

-3:25PM.  Officer advised Ogden resident that burning brush is restricted until April 15-May15.


Friday March 29, 2019

-11:45AM.  Officer received a school bus violation report from Dennis Good, Ogden Community Schools Transportation Director.


Saturday March 30, 2019

-9:28AM. Officer assisted a subject that was lost.

-11:30PM. Officer cited a juvenile for unlawful passing of a school bus.

-4:20PM. Officer investigated suspicious activity.


Sunday March 31, 2019

-3:35PM. Officer investigated a complaint of vandalism in the 500 blk of West Walnut St.

-7:30PM. Deputy assisted Ogden Fire at 320 SW 3rd St. for a house fire.

-10:29PM. Deputy assisted a subject with a lost dog .