Police Report 3/18/19-3/24/19





Monday March 18, 2019

-9:56AM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders with a subject that had fallen on the floor and needed help getting back into his chair.

-12:00PM.  Officer received a complaint of reckless driving on Sunday, March 17, 2019.  Officer spoke with the driver of the vehicle and advised he needs to slow down.


Tuesday March 19, 2019

-1:30AM.  Officer noticed a door open on an Ogden residence.  The officer made contact with the owner to secure the door.

-7:30AM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-7:48AM.  Officer received a complaint of vehicles parked on private property. The officer spoke with the owner of the vehicles and advised to move the vehicles.

-10:10AM.  Officer was asked to look for a blue Ford Escape that had just hit a traffic control sign on 220th Street just east of G Avenue.  The cell phone caller advised the vehicle exited 220th at H Avenue and went into Ogden.  Officer located the vehicle, a 2011 Ford Escape driven by Larry Swanson, 80, of Ogden.  Swanson drove up over the median, hit the sign continued eastbound in the westbound lane until he was able to get back over to the eastbound lane and exited onto H Avenue.  There is approximately $2,000 damage to the Swanson vehicle and $200 damage to the sign and post.

-1:32PM.  Officer spoke with resident about garbage bags and junk in yard.


Wednesday March 20, 2019

-1:20PM.  Officer was called to Spinning Wheels Skating Rink for a fight between 2 male juveniles.

-2:27PM.  Officer received a report that 3 dogs that belong at 320 E Walnut had pushed open the gate to yard and were running at large.  The officer was able to get the dogs back in the yard and close the gate.

-5:48PM.  Deputy responded to  220 E Walnut on a report of an elderly woman that had just walked into the residence without knocking and being invited in.  The woman lives across the street and is believed to have medical issues.  Deputy spoke with the female and she said she won’t do it again.


Thursday March 21, 2019

-7:55AM. Officer assisted a stranded motorist in the 600 blk of S. 1st St.

-16:21PM. Deputy assisted Ogden 1st responders at 413 E. Mulberry St.

-5:59PM. Deputy assisted a stranded motorist at 108 W. Walnut St.

-9:25PM. Deputy handled an animal complaint at 202 E. Division St.


Friday March 22, 2019

-7:15AM. Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at the Ogden Middle School. It was a false alarm.

-12:59PM. Officer assisted a citizen reference an outdoor burning inquiry.

-2:38PM. Officer assisted a citizen reference illegal dumping. This was determined to have occurred in the county so it was referred to a Deputy.

-5:12PM. Deputy assisted a citizen reference a lost item.

-7:28PM. Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders at 207 NE 3rd St.


Saturday March 23, 2019

-9:20AM. Officer assisted a subject with a lost item.

-12:41PM. Officer received a complaint of malfunctioning rail road crossing arms. Officer notified the rail road.

-3:06PM. Officer assisted Boone County Deputies with a semi stuck in the 700 block of 220th Street.


Sunday March 24, 2019

-2:00AM. Deputy investigated suspicious activity in the 200 blk of NW 7th St.