Police Report 2/3/2020-2/9/2020





Monday February 3, 2020

-7:39AM.  Officer received a complaint of a semi-tractor-trailer driving east on 220th from Grand Junction.  The semi was reported to be crossing the center line and the white line on the shoulder.  The officer stopped the semi at 222nd Drive and 220th Street.  The driver was not intoxicated and said that he was looking for something in the cab of his truck and that may have been why he crossed the center line.

-11:05AM.  Officer received a complaint of a vehicle that was parked on private property.  Officer attempted to make contact with registered owner.


Tuesday February 4, 2020

-11:35AM.  Officer received a complaint of vehicles that were parked in the 100 block of NW 3rd Street.  The vehicles have current registration and are properly parked.

-1:00PM.  Officer was able to speak with owner of vehicle that was reported to be parked on private property without permission on Monday.  The subject had just recently moved to that apartment complex.

-3:00PM.  Officer received a request from a Perry Officer to speak with an Ogden resident about property that a Perry resident had reportedly left in Ogden.  The officer was unable to locate the subject.

-6:33PM.  Deputy responded to a incomplete 911 call from a cellular phone.  The phone mapped in the 100 block of NW 7th Street.


Wednesday February 5, 2020

-1:10PM.  Officer reported a water main leak to Ogden Municipal Utilities.

-2:00PM.  Officer returned a call to an Ogden resident in regards to a civil issue.

-4:13PM.  Deputy responded to a complaint of identity theft.


Thursday February 6, 2020

-1:06AM.  Deputies assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-7:32AM.  Officer assisted Ogden Fire Department with a Carbon Monoxide Detector that was going off at an Ogden residence.

-8:09AM.  Officer investigated a 2-vehicle accident in the 300 block of NW 4th Street. There was approximately $800 damage to each vehicle.

-2:20PM.  Officer was called to Ogden High School in regards to a student receiving inappropriate text messages.  The officer advised student to block the other person.  The officer also spoke with the other person and advised him to stop sending text to this person.


Friday February 7, 2020

-11:09AM.  Officer was asked to do a welfare check on an Ogden resident.  The subject was fine.

-3:50PM.  Officer spoke with resident about parking in the street.  Resident said the vehicle had run out of gas and they would get moved this evening.


Saturday February 8, 2020

-No reported activity.


Sunday February 9, 2020

-1:34PM.  Deputies were asked to check on the welfare of an Ogden resident.  The subject was fine but had been drinking.

-8:20PM.  Deputy assisted subject locked out of vehicle.