Police Report 2/17/20-2/23/20





Monday February 17, 2020

-7:19PM.  Deputy responded to a domestic situation at 208 NE 3rd Street.  Deputy cited a 16-year-old female for simple assault.


Tuesday February 18, 2020

-6:57AM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-8:53AM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-9:15AM.  Officer received a complaint of a vehicle traveling west on 216th from Boone and was having trouble staying in own lane and driving slowly.  The officer stopped the vehicle in the 400 block of west Walnut.  The driver was fine, just looking at scenery.

-2:00PM.  Officer assisted members of Senior Citizen Center with a problem they were having with AED maintenance.

-3:30PM.  Officer received a complaint of a stray cat.  Officer set a live-trap.


Wednesday February 19, 2020

-2:05PM.  Officer responded to 308 SW 7th Street place for a reported domestic situation.  This was a verbal argument only.  The male subject left the residence for a while until his ride was available to take him back to Sioux City.

-4:43PM.  Officer helped resident catch their dog.


Thursday February 20, 2020

-10:55AM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

-3:45PM.  Ogden resident and his 14 year old son stopped at Ogden PD to report that his son was assaulted by another student while at school today.  The father would like charges filed as this is not the first time.


Friday February 21, 2020

-8:12AM. Officer responded to the Ogden High school for an assault investigation. Officer cited a 16 year old male for simple assault.

-7:54PM. Officer responded to 413 W. Division St. for an assault complaint. Officer separated the parties involved for the night.

-9:59PM. Officer assisted a parent with a juvenile matter at 326 E. Mulberry St.

-10:09PM. Officer assisted a citizen with a loose dog at Spinning Wheels skating rink. Officer returned the dog home to its owner.


Saturday February 22, 2020

-5:53PM. Officer did a welfare check on a subject.

-5:53PM. Officer assisted with lost property and notifying the owner.

-6:14PM. Officer did a welfare check at 305 E. Walnut St.


Sunday February 23, 2020

-7:35AM. Deputies investigated vandalism to several city street signs. Signs were knocked down at various intersections. SW 2nd St. and Mulberry St., SW 7th St. and Mulberry St. and SW 8th St. and Mulberry St.