Police Report 2/11/19-2/17/19





Monday February 11, 2019

.-7:11AM.  Officer responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Middle School.  This was set off by employees.

-7:59AM.  Manager of Casey’s General Store requested officer stop by as the subject they have move snow had run into the gas pump earlier this morning and she needed an accident report.

-8:17AM.  Officer assisted Johnston Police Department Detective with an Identity Theft Case.

-1:55PM.  Officer received a complaint of a subject dumping garbage into a dumpster at an apartment complex, where the subject did not live.  Officer spoke with the offending party and advised to stop.

-5:20PM.  Deputy responded to a Domestic Situation at 245 W Walnut.  This was a verbal argument only and the male half left the residence.


Tuesday February 12, 2019

-No Reported Activity


Wednesday February 13, 2019

-5:51PM. Deputy handled a animal complaint in the 100 block of West Walnut St.


Thursday February 14, 2019

-7:24AM. Officer investigated a open door on a residence in the 100 blk of W. Maple St.

-11:41AM. Officer assisted Iowa State Police with an investigation.

-1:02PM. Officer removed debris from the roadway in the 300 blk of East Walnut St.

-2:26PM. Officer assisted Boone County Deputies with a semi accident in the 500 block of 220th Street.


Friday February 15, 2019

-12:07PM. Officer assisted a Boone County Deputy on a traffic stop in the 1100 block of 222nd Dr.


Saturday February 16, 2019

-7:08AM.  Officer responded to a Breaking and Entering at Ogden Mart.  Some unknown person(s) broke out the glass in the front door and gained entry.  There was liquor, cigarettes, lottery tickets and cash taken.

-9:26AM.  Officer checked with Casey’s to see if any Lottery tickets had been cashed in that had numbers from the Ogden Mart Burglary.  A male subject had cashed some tickets in around 7:12AM.

-10:32AM.  Officer responded to Ogden Middle School for an incomplete 911 from the elevator telephone.  This turned out to be children playing with the phone.

-12:36PM.  Officer responded to Casey’s in regards to a male subject that was trying to cash in Lottery tickets that had been reported as stolen during the Ogden Mart Burglary.  The male subject said that he was given the tickets by another subject.  This case is under investigation.

-5:19PM.  Clarence Teter, Jr reported that he is missing some medication.  Clarence is not sure if he misplaced it or if it was stolen.

-9:06PM.  Clarence Teter, Jr called to report that his brother’s girlfriend is driving his (Clarence’s) car without permission.  Deputy responded to the call and called and left message for the female to call the Deputy.


Sunday February 17, 2019

-8:41AM.  Officer notified Clarence Teter, Jr. that his car has been returned to his mother’s residence.

-9:05AM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a semi-tractor-trailer that was stuck on shoulder of road east of L Avenue on 220th Street.

-12:15PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders at 413 E Mulberry Street.

-12:35PM.  Officer investigated a 2 vehicle accident in the 100 block of west Walnut Street.  Paul Fangman, 41, of Boone was backing out of a driveway in the 100 block of west Walnut in his 2000 Chevrolet and failing to yield, backed out in front of a 2000 GMC driven by Ben Anderson, 30, of Boone.  Anderson was unable to stop and ran into the side of the Fangman vehicle.