Police Report 12/9/19-12/15/19





PSA:.  2 more stop signs will be installed at SW 4th and Veterans making this a 4-way stop.


Monday December 9, 2019

-11:10AM. Officer assisted another agency with a subject.

-11:37AM. Officer assisted with extricating a subject trapped in a crawl space at 208 NE 3rd St.

-10:04PM. Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders at 308 SW 9th St.


Tuesday December 10, 2019

-8:50PM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.


Wednesday December 11, 2019

-7:58AM.  Officer received a report of a male juvenile playing near a construction site at SW 2nd and Division Street. The subject was gone upon officer’s arrival.

-9:22AM.  Manager of Dollar General reported that an ex-employee would not return keys to the store.  Officer spoke with the ex-employee and picked up the keys and returned to the manager.

-1:20PM.  Officer spoke with an Ogden resident about moving a small trailer filled with junk off city parking and moving lawnmowers from city parking also.

-7:34PM.  Officer notified the Union Pacific that crossing arms at 1st Street crossing were malfunctioning.


Thursday December 12, 2019

-10:40AM.  Officer received a report from Zion Lutheran Church personnel, that someone was dumping garbage in their dumpster.  Officer located a name in a garbage bag and spoke with the individual and advised to stop or charges will be filed.

-5:02PM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.


Friday December 13, 2019

-11:05AM.  Officer received a complaint from a citizen about parked vehicles in the 500 block of west Locust Street blocking vision of vehicles southbound on NW 6th Street at Locust Street.  Officer spoke with owner of vehicles and asked if he could move the vehicles further north.

-6:53PM.  Officer received a complaint of a vehicle traveling north on H Avenue from 270th Street and the vehicle has no tail lights.  The officer stopped the vehicle and the driver was able to correct the problem.

-7:50PM.  Officer assisted stranded motorist.


Saturday December 14, 2019

-10:57AM.  Ogden resident reported that someone entered his residence during the night and stole his cellular phone and a Smith and Wesson 22 semi-automatic pistol with approximately 100 rounds of ammunition.

-4:32PM.  Deputy responded to an incomplete 911 from a cellular phone that was mapping to the parking lot on north side of Ogden High School/Middle School.  Deputy located individuals and it was a child using the phone.


Sunday December 15, 2018

-2:18AM.  Boone County Deputies and Ogden Officer respond to an intrusion alarm at Swanson Drug.  Upon Deputies arrival, they observed the front window had been broken.  It appears some drugs were taken, but will have to do an inventory to know which ones for sure.

-1:42PM.  Officer responded to an incomplete 911 from Church of Christ.  This turned out to be children playing with the phone.