Police Report 12/21/20-12/27/20


Monday December 21, 2020
-8:12AM Officer assisted a subject with a civil stand-by at Casey’s.
-11:40AM. Officer received an animal complaint at 519 W. Cherry St.
-6:30PM. Deputy did a welfare check on a subject at 513 NW 3rd St.

Tuesday December 22, 2020
-No reported activity.

Wednesday December 23, 2020
-12:02AM. Deputy responded to an intrusion alarm at Caseys. This was set-off accidentally by an employee while leaving the store.
-11:50AM. Subject called officer and advised he was in the automatic car wash down by Caseys and the door will not open all the way, so he could drive out. The entry door finally opened, and the driver was able to back out. Officer notified owner of the car wash.
-12:20PM. Subject called and advised that she was in the automatic car wash by Caseys and the door will not open, so she can drive out. Officer advised her to be ready for the entry door to open, so she can back out. The officer notified the owner of the car wash.
-1:00PM. UPS driver reported a vehicle that was following him around and acting suspicious.
-8:25PM. Officer was asked to check on stranded motorist 1 mile north of Ogden on H Avenue. There were private citizens that had stopped to help the people upon officer’s arrival.
-10:28PM. Ames PD asked Ogden officer to look for a vehicle registered to an Ogden resident and observe if it had any front-end damage. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Thursday December 24, 2020
-5:24AM. Officer and Boone County Deputy responded to an attempted Breaking and Entering at Swanson Drug. Alarm company reported that a door was open, but officer and deputy found all doors secured, but could see where one door and been attempted to open. No entrance was gained.
-7:53AM. Officer spoke with owner of building in downtown area and asked her to advise her tenant about parking regulations, due to the fact the subject would not come to the door.
-3:12PM. Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.
-4:21PM. Officer received a report of a vehicle being driven in a reckless manner westbound on 220th from J Avenue. The officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Friday December 25, 2020
-12:22AM. Deputies assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance at an Ogden residence.
-3:45PM. Officer was called to an Ogden residence because a father that was there to pick up his daughter appeared to be under the influence. Officer spoke with the father and he did appear under the influence of something. The subject tested negative for alcohol but appeared to be having a reaction to medicine that he had just taken. Officer contacted a friend of the subject to come and give him a ride home.
-11:35PM. Officer received a complaint of a female subject that a dropped a pipe believed to be used to smoke methamphetamine and it broke, subject picked up pieces and got into her car and left. This occurred in the Ogden Caseys, 30 minutes prior to officer being called.

Saturday December 26, 2020
-1:35PM. Officer returned call to a subject reference child custody agreement. Officer advised this is a civil issue and subject needed to contact attorney.
-7:15PM. Deputies responded to an Ogden residence regarding a teenage female threatening suicide. Parent transported female subject to hospital for evaluation.
-11:46PM. Deputies responded to a possible fight at Spinning Wheels Skating Rink. There were a group of young people arguing but had separated upon deputies arrival.

Sunday December 27, 2020
-12:49AM. Deputy cited Robert Meyers, 45, of Ogden for Driving while license suspended.
-12:59AM. Deputies responded to a family disturbance at 305 E Walnut Street. This was verbal only and the subjects were going to separate for the rest of night.