Police Report 12/16/19-12/22/19





PSA:  The Boone County Sheriff’s Department and Ogden Police Department would like to thank everyone who donated toys and or money to help those who otherwise may not have had a Merry Christmas.

PSA:.  2 more stop signs will be installed at SW 4th and Veterans making this a 4-way stop.

Monday December 16, 2019

-3:47PM Officer received a complaint of smell of Marijuana in the hallway of 425 SE 2nd Street.  Officer was unable to smell anything but did talk to occupant of apartment in question and she denied using any marijuana.


Tuesday December 17, 2019

-1:26PM. Officer assisted a stranded motorist on 220th Street near Boone.


Wednesday December 18, 2019

-9:36AM. Officer investigated vandalism to a street sign in the 200 blk of S 1st St.

-10:54AM. Officer investigated a single vehicle accident in the 300 blk of W. Walnut St.


Thursday December 19, 2019

-8:24AM.  Officer received a report of a chicken on the front porch of 219 W Sycamore Street.  Officer called subject who has chickens to come and pick up.

-9:14PM.  Officer assisted Greene County Deputies with a high speed chase that was east bound on 220th.  The Greene County Deputies had vehicle stopped prior to officer’s arrival.


Friday December 20, 2019

-10:45AM.  Officer picked up a 20” boys bike that had been in the parking lot at Methodist Church for a couple months.  The officer took the bike to the city shed.

-2:07PM.  Officer found a child’s camouflage jacket at the city park.  The officer took the jacket to the city hall.


Saturday December 21, 2019

-12:53AM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputy with a domestic situation at 43 300th Street.

-7:00AM.  Officer received a complaint of a vehicle driving fast and making bad passes northbound on H Avenue from 270th Street.  The vehicle reportedly had pulled into Caseys.  The officer spoke with the driver.  The driver denied making any bad passes.

-1:20PM.  Chris Jones reported that someone is dumping garbage into his field north of intersection of NE 3rd and Cherry Street.

-4:10PM.  Officer received a report of a white pit bull dog with a black mark on eye running loose in the 300 block of N 1st Street.  The officer was unable to locate the dog.

-4:52PM.  Officer assisted Boone County Deputies, Ogden First Responders, Ogden Fire and Boone County Ambulance with a 2-vehicle accident at L Avenue and 220th Street.


Sunday December 22, 2019

-7:35AM.  Officer arrested Edwin W Cannon, 18, of Altoona for Driving Under Suspension and Failure to have SR Insurance on file.

-12:30PM.  Steve Kindred reported that his vehicle was backed into while he was at gas pumps at Caseys General Store.  The vehicle that ran into him had left the scene, but witnesses were able to get the plate number.  Officer was able to make contact with the suspect and she returned and spoke with Mr. Kindred.  There was minor damage done to both vehicles.

-4:16PM.  Officer responded to an incomplete 911 call from 208 NE 3rd Street.  This was a verbal argument between mother and teenage daughter.  The daughter went to grandma’s house for the night.

-11:57PM.  Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.