Police Report 10/19/20-10/25/20


Monday October 19, 2020
-5:34AM. Deputy assisted a stranded motorist at Casey’s.
-10:19AM. Officer assisted a citizen with a complaint of suspicious activity.

Tuesday October 20, 2020
-11:05AM. Officer handled an animal complaint at 307 NE 4th St.
-10:37AM. Officer assisted a Subject with attempting to locate someone else.
-11:45AM. Officer assisted a subject with an illegal dumping problem.
-4:53PM. Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders at 520 W. Elm St.

Wednesday October 21, 2020
-5:07PM. Officer assisted Ogden First responders at 514 E. Oak St.
-9:38PM. Officer served an arrest warrant at 320 NE 4th St. Trevor Brown was arrested on a Boone County warrant.
-11:53PM. Deputy did a welfare check on a child at 519 NE 3rd St.

Thursday October 22, 2020
-12:27AM. Deputy investigated an open door at the Ogden High school.

Friday October 23, 2020
-8:37AM. Deputy assisted Ogden First responders at 526 E. Oak St.
-7:44PM. Officer investigated harassment and threats that were occurring at the Ogden High School.

Saturday October 24, 2020
-1:22PM. Deputy investigated criminal mischief at 506 W. Sycamore St.

Sunday October 25, 2020
-10:08AM. Deputy assisted Ogden First responders at 120 W. Maple St