Police Report 1/6/20-1/12/20





Monday January 6, 2020

-10:06AM.  Officer responded to 332 SW 7th Street Place in ref to a domestic disturbance that happened the previous night.  The officer advised he would have the responding deputy stop by early this evening.

-12:28PM.  Officer was asked to check on welfare of an Ogden Elementary student.  The student showed up at school a short time later.

-3:00PM.  Officer received a barking dog complaint at 620 W Elm Street.  The officer talked with owner of the dogs and they will try and quiet them down.


Tuesday January 7, 2020

-8:53PM.  Officer responded to a domestic situation at 822 N 1st Street.  This was an argument between mother and teenage son.  The son had calmed down after officer arrived.  There were no charges.

-9:39PM.  Ogden resident at 232 SW 6th building 2 #1 reported that 2 juveniles were pounding on his door and ran off.  One of the juveniles was wearing a blue hoodie and the other had a white t-shirt and wearing a head band with afro like hair.  The officer was unable to locate the juveniles.


Wednesday January 8, 2020

-4:06PM.  Officer received a report of a male juvenile being assaulted by another male juvenile.

-9:28PM.  Deputy was asked to check on welfare of Ogden resident.  The subject was not home but had been located and was fine.


Thursday January 9, 2020

-9:36AM.  Officer spoke with both juveniles that were involved in the fight yesterday.

-12:45PM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-2:00PM. Officer received a report that 2 mailboxes had been knocked over in the 300 block of east Mulberry Street.


Friday January 10, 2020

-3:38AM.  Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders with a lift assist.

-8:25AM.  Officer received a complaint from an Ogden resident about some posts on Facebook about her son that are not true.  The complainant’s son is a juvenile and the person making the posts is an adult and now her son is being harassed via text messages.

-2:05PM.  Officer assisted Paul Fangman, owner Fang’s Automotive, identify owner of a vehicle that was left in his parking lot.


Saturday January 11, 2020

-6:45AM.  Officer assisted Ogden Fire Department with an air flow alarm with fire suppression system at ACCURA Health Care.  The air compressor malfunctioned.

-9:11AM.  Officer asked Ogden resident to move vehicle off of sidewalk.

-2:15PM.  Officer spoke with Ogden resident in regard to unlicensed vehicles being parked on city property.  Officer advised to move the vehicles onto own property.

-3:00PM.  Officer received a complaint from an Ogden resident of a vehicle that has been abandoned on her property.  Officer advised he would start the paperwork to dispose of the vehicle.


Sunday January 12, 2020

-8:00AM.  Officer called owner of vehicle that had been parked in front of Ogden business for last 2 days.  Officer asked that vehicle be moved, as there is snow forecast and it is in the way for snow removal.

-12:45PM.  An employee of Casey’s reported that a customer found a glass pipe in the parking.  The officer picked up the pipe, which is used for smoking methamphetamine and destroyed it and disposed of it.

-9:43PM.  Deputy received a report of a pickup truck driving recklessly in the Ogden High School parking lot.  The deputy stopped the vehicle in question and advised to stop sliding around in the snow.