Police Report 1/4/21-1/9/21


Monday January 4, 2021
-11:15AM. Officer provided a funeral escort from Community Methodist Church to Glenwood Cemetery.
-11:35AM. Officer assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

Tuesday January 5, 2021
-8:30AM. Paul Fangman, of Fang’s Automotive, reported a vehicle has been left on his property and he does not know who owns it. Officer ran the V.I.N. to see who vehicle is registered to. The officer asked a Boone PD officer to contact with owner. The Boone officer made contact and advised the owner that an Ogden officer would be contacting him.
-12:20PM. Ogden resident requested a copy of a report. Officer advised that she could pick up the report at Ogden City Hall after paying the fee.
-5:20PM. Deputy assisted subject locked out of vehicle.
-9:22PM. Deputy assisted Ogden First Responders and Boone County Ambulance.

Wednesday January 6, 2021
-1:38PM. Officer removed debris from the roadway in the 600 blk of 220th street eastbound.

Thursday January 7, 2021
-8:00AM. Officer assisted Ogden First responders at 425 NE 3rd St.
-9:52AM. Officer spoke to a Ogden resident reference suspicious activity.
-2:51PM. Officer spoke to Ogden Highschool staff reference suspicious activity.

Friday January 8, 2021
-9:17AM. Officer investigated suspicious activity.

Saturday January 9, 2021
-4:38AM Deputy investigated a domestic assault at 244 SW 4th St. Deputy arrested Dane Erickson, 20, of Ogden, for alleged domestic assault.
-9:27AM. Officer spoke with Ogden resident about mattress/box spring that had been setting in the parking for a couple months. Resident said that he would contact his garbage hauler and have them pick up.