Police Report 1/28/19-2/3/19





Monday January 28, 2019

-8:59AM. Officer handled a parking complaint at 732 W. Division St.

-7:02PM. Deputy handled an animal complaint at 119 E. Sycamore St.


Tuesday January 29, 2019

-7:13AM.  Deputy responded to an intrusion alarm at Ogden Middle School.  This was set off by a school employee.


Wednesday January 30, 2019

-7:40AM.  Officer assisted stranded motorist.

-8:35AM.  Officer assisted Ogden Fire Department with a carbon monoxide detector that was going off at an Ogden residence.  The Ogden Fire Department was unable to detect any carbon monoxide with their meter and an employee with Black Hills showed up a short time later and was unable to detect any carbon monoxide with his meter.  The resident’s detector was quite old, so the Ogden Fire Department replaced with a new one.

-10:59AM.  Officer was asked to check on the welfare of Ogden residents.  The subjects were fine.


Thursday January 31, 2019

-9:55AM.  Officer assisted stranded motorist.

-10:12AM.  Officer investigated a 2-vehicle accident in the 300 block of W Sycamore Street.  There was less than $1,500.00 damage, so no state report was filed.


Friday February 1, 2019

-3:46PM.  Officer responded to Howe School Parking Lot for a report of an adult shoving a child a little too hard, as the child was getting into a red Ford Explorer.  The complainant gave no plate number and there was no Ford Explorer in the parking lot upon officer’s arrival.


Saturday February 2, 2019

-12:58PM.  Officer assisted Ogden Fire Department with a fire alarm at Ogden High School.  This was determined to be a false alarm.


Sunday February 3, 2019

-2:32AM.  Deputy responded to a report of criminal mischief at 208 NE 3rd Street.  Homeowner reporting that someone was knocking on door and running away.  Deputy was unable to locate anyone in the area.

-9:25AM.  Officer responded to ACCURA Health Care to investigate a report of a resident being physically assaulted by an employee.

-10:28AM.  Officer assisted subject locked out of vehicle.

-11:05AM.  Ogden residents called to report they had caught a dog that was running at large.  Officer picked up the dog and returned to owner.

-3:17PM.  A subject turned in a wallet that was found at Ogden Total Fitness.  The officer returned the wallet to owner.