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Business Assistance Grant

The purpose of the Ogden Legacy Business Assistance Grant program is to improve/expand existing businesses, attract new businesses, increase building values, and improve the general appearance of the downtown district.

Eligible projects include renovation or construction of an awning or a sign, construction, renovation, or improvement of a building storefront, demolition or cleanup of an existing building in the Ogden Business District.

The Ogden Legacy Business Assistance Grant program will pay fifty percent (50%) of the total qualifying project costs up to a maximum of $1,000 per project.

Ogden Legacy Business Assistance Grant


Fix-up Grant

Ogden Legacy created this grant program to help homeowners fix-up their homes. Eligible projects include an improvement that improves the attractiveness of the exterior of a home and increases the value of an existing home within the City of Ogden. Special consideration will be given to applicants utilizing local suppliers and contractors for the improvement projects. Grant funds may cover no more than 50% of total project costs and will not exceed $1,000 per project.

For more information about this annual grant, contact Ogden Legacy’s Housing Committee: Matt Van Sickle (