Community Center Rules

Community Center Rules

Leonard Good Community Center Rules (LGCC Rules and Information)
The following information is the facility and reservation policies for the operation of the Leonard Good Community Center. The policies set forth are regularly reviewed and revised as necessary. Leonard Good Community Center reserves the right of final interpretations and enforcement of the policies set forth as deemed necessary. The Leonard Good Community Center is the property of the City of Ogden and is under the direction of the Ogden Community Services Board. As such, the Ogden Community Services Board approves the rules governing the use of the building.

Reservations and Rental Fees
All reservations or changes will be handled at the Ogden City Hall, 513 W. Walnut Street, Ogden, Iowa 50212, (515) 275-2917. The person making the reservations should be the same person making any necessary changes. Reservations will be accepted on a “first come – first serve” basis. The Leonard Good Community Center will hold a reservation from the time the reservation is made for a period of 10 calendar days during which both of the following must occur to finalize the reservation:

  • The written contract to which these rules are attached is signed by at least one member of the organization or group renting the room and the contract is returned to Ogden City Hall; and
  • Non-refundable deposit equal to half the total rental fee (or up to $100) is made payable to the City of Ogden along with the signed contract. The non-refundable deposit will be credited toward your final rental fee total. The remaining balance of your rental fee is due 10 days prior to your event.
  • The Leonard Good Community Center reserves the right to require proof of insurance that includes “rented location” and “host liquor liability” to cover damages to the facility or loss of equipment.

If the reservation is made within 60 days of the event, payment is due in full when the reservation is accepted and is considered non-refundable.  When making a reservation please provide date of event, type of event, and special equipment you may need (i.e. overhead projector, sound system, etc.).

Security Deposit
A security deposit of $250 made payable to the City of Ogden is required at the time the keys are picked up for your event. The security deposit will be held until the keys have been returned, the building inspected for damage and the lessee clean-up requirements have been verified as completed. The security deposit or a portion thereof will be forfeited in the event of the following:

  • Damage or loss: If damage occurs in any area of the facility or there is damage to or a loss of equipment, the Lessee will be charged accordingly. Charges will reflect the repair or replacement costs and the time required. If the damage is greater than the deposit, the difference will be added to your rental fee.
  • Clean-Up: If it is necessary for staff to complete the required clean-up tasks as outlined, the Lessee will be charged at the rate of $20.00 per hour for the time needed to complete tasks. Minimum charge to Lessee for completing clean-up requirements is 1 hour.
  • The City of Ogden reserves the right to require proof of insurance that includes “rented location” and “host liquor liability” to cover damages to the facility or loss of equipment.

Returned Checks
Returned checks are subject to a $30 fee and must be resolved prior to the event date to receive the keys to the building for your event.

Set-up, decorating or delivery times (flowers, food, D.J., etc.) must be included in the reservation agreement. Extra rental days can be arranged.

Reservation Time Limit
Reservations may be made 364 days in advance, or 1 day less than 1 year. Wedding receptions can be booked up to 2 years in advance.

If cancellation occurs no refund will be issued and the non-refundable deposit will stand forfeited.

Special Exemptions to the Reservation Rules
Service Clubs, schools, churches and other organizations that regularly (and in good standing) lease space in the Leonard Good Community Center may be exempt from the “security deposit” paragraph of these rules. Should an issue arise, the City of Ogden reserves the right to re-instate the security deposit requirement at any time.

Responsibility for the Premises
The person who signs the rental agreement on behalf of the group or organization will be responsible, together with the group or organization, for the care and safekeeping of all property located in the leased area, including the hallways and restroom facilities and for the enforcement of these rules.

Alcoholic Beverages

All state, local laws and ordinances regarding the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be strictly complied with. In addition thereto, no alcoholic liquors will be brought upon or consumed on the premises; only beer and wine are allowed unless a temporary permit is applied for.

The permit can be applied for through the Ogden City Clerk at the Ogden City Hall. No beer or wine will be exchanged for consideration in money or money’s worth. No person less than 21 years of age will be served, furnished with, or consume any alcoholic beverage on the premises. Checking I.D.’s is a requirement of this contract and is the person’s and the organization’s responsibility.

The Ogden Community Services Board, City Council, or their designee reserves the right to require the person(s) or organization to hire an off-duty officer for law enforcement and protection of the premises. If such a requirement is invoked, all costs are the responsibility of the lessee.

NO SMOKING – Pursuant to the Iowa Smoke free Air Act, no smoking will be allowed on the grounds of the Leonard Good Community Center. The grounds include all outdoor areas used in connection with the building, sidewalks neighboring the building, and sitting or standing areas neighboring the building. The parking lot is excluded. The leessee is responsible for compliance with the Act and any fines that may result.

The City is not responsible for activities held in different areas of the building, which may conflict with each other (i.e. a dance group in one area causing too much noise for a dinner in the other). Reservations are on a “first come-first serve” basis. If you wish to ensure a quiet or non-conflicting atmosphere for your group, it is the City’s recommendation that the entire building be leased to avoid such a conflict.

Table and free standing decorations are preferred. No thumbtacks, scotch tape, staples, or glue will be allowed to attach decorations anywhere in the building.

Kitchen Rules
It is the responsibility of the lessee to put away the dishes, utensils, coffee pots, etc. after cleaning. Also, the lessee will clean stoves, sinks, countertops, etc.  Leave used dish rags on the drying rack. Building staff will wash them for you. Kitchen use for storage prior to your event/rental time will be subject to additional fees.

Miscellaneous Center Rules

  • Any person found in possession of or damaging articles belonging to the Leonard Good Community Center will be subject to proper legal actions.
  • No animals of any type are permitted in the Leonard Good Community Center. Service animals are exempt from these rules.
  • All kitchen items, tables, chairs and audio/visual equipment, etc. are city property and shall not be removed from the Leonard Good Community Center at any time.
  • Use of the facilities does not in any way imply that the Leonard Good Community Center or the City Of Ogden endorses, encourages, or approves the purpose of the user.
  • Unauthorized intoxicants, drugs, controlled substances and firearms are strictly prohibited.

Rules Subject to Change
All rules are subject to change without advance notice. Exceptions to these rules may be made under special circumstances with the approval of the Ogden Community Services Board or their designee.

City Not Liable
Neither the City Of Ogden nor the Community Services Board will be responsible for injury to person or property arising out of the acts or omissions of the renter, the members of its organization or its guests. It is the renter’s responsibility to supervise all children on the premises as well as the safety and appropriateness of all activities.

Community Center Facility Details

Room 1

  • 2,640 square feet – approximately (40’x66’)
  • 300 chairs
  • 40  (6’ x 30”) tables, 3 per side
  • Piano
  • Built in speaker system (8 speakers in main room, 2 speakers in kitchen)
  • CD Player
  • 2 Microphones
  • Microphone Stands

Room 1 attached Kitchen

  • 441 square feet  approximately (21’x21’)
  • Commercial refrigerator
  • Commercial l 0 burner stove/double oven
  • 2 100-cup coffee pots
  • Dinnerware for 300 people
  • 2 drink coolers
  • Punch bowl

Room 2W

  • 1,120 square feet approximately (32’x35′)
  • 50 chairs
  • 10 (6′ x 30″ tables, 3 per side)

Room 2W Kitchen Across the hall

  • 196 square feet approximately (14′ x 14′)
  • Stove/Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Two 30-cup coffee pots.
  • Dinnerware for 55-60 people

Room 2E

  • 1,120 square feet approximately  (32’x35’)
  • Overflow for 2W rental only

Conference Room

  • 224 square feet – approximately (14’x16’)
  • 6’ round table
  • 10 office chairs
  • TV cart
  • Projector

Thank You for Renting the Leonard Good Community Center!

Leonard Good Community Center Clean-Up Rules

In order to receive your full deposit back, these items MUST be completed before you turn in your keys.

  • Dust mop floors. Dust mops are available on each level.
  • Wash and return all dishes and kitchen equipment to the proper location. Dishes are not to be left in the dishwasher or drying rack.
  • Wipe clean all tables and chairs and return them to the storage area properly stacked.
  • DO NOT SLIDE TABLES OR CHAIRS ACROSS THE FLOOR.  Your group will be responsible for damage caused to the floor.
  • Wipe off counters and stove.
  • Wipe out refrigerator and microwave. Do not leave food or condiments behind.
  • Wash coffee pots. Do not submerge the base in water.
  • Leave used dish towels on the drying rack. We will wash them.
  • Remove all garbage from inside of the building and ensure the grounds outside are free of litter. Garbage bins are located outside the west entrance.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Reset thermostat.
  • Make sure ALL doors are locked (check ALL exterior doors, including north door in upstairs kitchen) and windows are closed and secured.

You are responsible for checking Community Center grounds for any litter left by your group.

For building problems or
other non-emergencies after office hours,
please call: David Bollenbaugh at (515) 298-1499